Meet Our Team-

Upasana Joshi
(Head, Research and Resource mobilization)

Upasana is a development professional with over 10 year of experience in the social sector. Having worked both in International and Domestic NGOs, she has gained insights into the process of working and implementing socially relevant projects at different scales and in different parts of the country.  As the Head, Research and Resource mobilization, she provides advisory to grass root agencies in project development, project implementation and resource mobilization in my individual capacity. She specializes in concept development and grants writing for various donor agencies (both International and Domestic).  She has gained considerable experience in donor mapping, donor cultivation, developing fundraising strategy and strategic planning.  

Neha Bisht, Advisor
(Ecosystem Services and Assessment)

Neha is a natural resources management professional with over ten years of progressive experience working with  international development and research institutions in ecosystem management, socio-ecological  monitoring, climate change adaptation and science communication.  She has sound theoretical knowledge and extensive fieldwork experience in forestry, agriculture, climate  change adaptation, biodiversity and ecosystem services assessment in mountain ecosystems.  At SRV she helps us when we undertake studies related to socio-ecological and climate change adaptation related projects. 


Hemant Bhatt
(Analyst, Social Innovation)

Hemant graduated as an electrical engineer from Pantnagar (Uttarakhand). He worked as a software engineer at Dell Services, Singapore. He is a polymath with keen interests in political science, sociology, international relationship, development economics etc. He has over 6 years of experience in conducting social research and analysis. With his great research and analytical skills, at SRV he is responsible for developing new initiatives for coping with various social challenges. 


Ashita Jain
(Manager Accounts and Compliance)

Ashita has over  7 years of experience in dealing with legal aspects of NGOs. At SRV she takes care of the legal aspects, compliances of societies. She provides advisory support related to the overall process, systems and legal frameworks for enhancing credibility of our valued clients.